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The best case for the iPhone 6, the Otterbox Symmetry

If you're reading this to find out what kind of case is the best for your iPhone 6, you're a more careful consumer than I am. I'm very pleased with my purchase, which I did yesterday by just walking into a store and pretty much grabbing the first thing I saw. And it's just right for me.

My old case on my phone had started to crack along the edges, and while it was still usable, I just hate seeing stuff like that. I took the case off for a few days and used the phone without a case, but it's awful, and slippery. I needed a case.

There seems to be three categories of cases for phones, so weak that they're essentially worthless, so strong that it's kinda like breaking into Fort Knox to use them, and what I got, which is just right.

I like having a case on my phone just so that it's easier for me to hang on to. Without a case, an iPhone is as slippery as a fish and its elegant thinness makes it difficult to hold onto if you have human fingers. My hands aren't particularly large, but I'm a full-grown man, and handling a bare iPhone made me feel as if I were a giant being handed a tiny fish to make a call on. It would be nice if the phone were just designed with something along the edge for human fingers to hold onto, but I guess that would spoil the design.

The edges are kinda stiff, which is good, and it feels very stable in my hand. The buttons take a bit more of a push than my cheaper case, but I guess it's part of what makes this case protect the phone from dropping (although I don't plan on dropping my phone). I decided against screen protectors a long time ago, and so all I wanted was something that went around the phone and allowed for a human hand to hold it. The case I got does that.

I like the fact that it's just plain matte black. There's no cutout on the back for the Apple logo, and there's no decoration at all on it at all. The words Otterbox and stamped on the sides and lower back, but I didn't notice them. I'm one of those people who likes to have an iPhone, but I don't need to be flashing logos all over the place.

As of this writing, May 4th, my iPhone 6 is working just fine. I had pondered getting an iPhone 7, but now that I have a new case I'm gonna hang onto my 6 until the 8 comes out, or if the phone blows up (doesn't seem to be much of a chance of that - this is the best computer I've ever owned).

So there you go, I'm happy with my purchase. If you're like me, you'll be happy with this case, too.