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Updating your Patreon page

It's official now, Patreon is a success. I've had my Phoenix History Adventuring on it for a little over a year now, and while I can't claim any amazing success for myself, it's true that Patreon is doing something right.

If you're like me, with an old Patreon page, I recommend that you go back there and update it a bit. I started mine with just the thought that some friends would donate a buck or two a month, and was later pleased to see people who just liked my stuff joining in to support me.

Now let's be clear about what Patreon is, and isn't. It's not a substitute for a professional web page, if you're in business. It's a way for someone with a hobby to share it, and get financial support. Although I'm seeing more and more "slick" stuff appearing, Patreon is a place of sincerity, so if you make the mistake of updating your page to look like you're trying to scam people, you've made a mistake. Take it easy on the hype.

That being said, don't ignore the rewards tiers. I didn't have any at first, and now I have three. Start with a dollar, then two, then five. I can't think of anything that I could add that would justifying going higher than that, so that's where I've stopped. I'll keep pondering. At first, rewards seemed too commercial, but eventually I was convinced that it's just a nice gesture, like when PBS would give free DVDs for a pledge over a certain amount. Everything I do is digital, so it was just a question of figuring out what small added bonuses I could give. I think it's a nice touch, and it shows the people who give a little more how much you appreciate them.

Another thing that I'm pondering is a goal. I like goals, but the trick to it is to come up with what you're gonna do when you achieve that goal. I haven't thought of anything just now, so I'll be giving it more thought. If you do have a goal in mind, such as buying a new microphone so that your videos can sound better, go ahead and create a goal. Then when you achieve that goal, go buy that microphone, so your videos will sound better!

I'm having fun with Patreon. I'm a professional Graphic Designer, and writing about Historic Phoenix is my hobby, so I have a web page for one, and Patreon for the other. I also do consulting as part of my professional duties, and I like to know what's going on, to see if I recommend, or don't recommend something.

Now go update that Patreon page!

My Patreon page is here> Phoenix History Adventuring