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Using Facebook to promote yourself

Although Facebook is a place for friends, it's also a good place to promote yourself. Of course, if you're already wildly successful, you don't need to do that. But if you're like a lot of people who would like to be more successful, it's another way to show people that you're for real, and get yourself an audience.

Now waitaminute here, I'm not saying that you should turn your Facebook page into a huge commercial operation (business pages are for that!), but if you're like a lot of people whose name and face are connected to their business success, it's worth taking a look at how you present yourself on Facebook, along with everywhere else on the internet, such as Google+, Linkedin, etc.

Let's face it, we're all a little curious about certain types of people, especially people who write. This isn't "morbid curiosity", this is just normal human behavior. For example, if you're reading this, you may be wondering who I am? In what city do I live? Do I own a dachshund? I'm flattered that you want to know, because really I'm just an ordinary Graphic Designer who lives in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, and who owns a dachshund. A she's a really good dog!

Of course, major celebrities don't have to do anything for themselves. They have press agents who release information, previews of upcoming movies, that sort of thing. They even get their photos on magazines if they lose, or gain weight. I've known some celebrities in my day, and believe me they only worry if people AREN'T talking about them. But in this blog post I'm talking about minor celebrities, like me.

I started promoting myself when I was 21, still in college, doing freelance Graphic Design. I designed a logo (which I still use), I printed up business cards. If you've never heard of me, well, that's understandable, but I tried! If you Google BradHallArt, you'll see all of the stuff I've jammed the internet with for the past twenty years. In the '90s I started teaching, and doing personal software training. And people wanted to know about me! Nowadays I write a lot about the history of Phoenix, and I'm seeing some curiosity from people. Who is this guy? So I continue to promote myself. I'm for real.

Of course, promotion is a two-way street. I get a lot of spam, and I get people who try to sell me stuff, some of which is legit, some I'm not so sure about. This is all Marketing, and I understand it. I studied Marketing in school, I've worked in Marketing Departments of companies. So don't expect everyone to just be a passive audience. There are other people out there who are promoting themselves to the best of their abilities. Some are for real, some are stinkers. If you're for real, I encourage you to let it show.

Image at the top of this post: Yes, it's really me.