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Why you should use your phone to remember stuff

I've been relying on technology for a long time. Many years ago, while in a waiting room of a Dentist's office, using my Palm Pilot (remember those?!) to write down an appointment, I was accosted by a lady who disapproved. She said that in her day, people didn't need to do that, they just remembered things. I smiled and she went away, and I was left with the thought "when was her day? Before the invention of writing?" She looked old, but not that old?

So, yes, I write things down. And I would imagine that I would have been an early adaptor to this technology when the old-timers were insisting that I should just remember things, maybe by making them rhyme. And as you can see, it's all the same to me. I would have used pencils when they were invented, I would have used pens when they were invented. I used a computer long before most people I knew did, and I loved my Palm Pilot, and even taught myself how to write on it with the stylus (it was called Graffiti). And I really don't have a bias, I just want to do whatever is the easiest for me. Nowadays it's my phone.

I use my phone to remember stuff all of the time. I use the Notes app for my grocery list, which I can add too whenever I think of something. I use the Reminder function in Inbox to help me remember stuff. I tend to look at my email a lot, and that works for me. I learn this by practicing with goofy stuff until I trust it, and then I lean back on it.

I am very protective of my time. I won't do something that isn't urgent just because I might forget to do it later. I write it down. I learned this technique as an old Corporate guy, and called it moving things to "children's hour". There would always be a bit of quiet time, and I would go see my notes, and get to the things that weren't urgent. Many things aren't urgent, when you think about it. You have to make that decision right away - can this keep? If so, I write it down.

My experience with people who are always "crazy busy" is that they don't prioritize things. They try to do all of the things, all of the time. I've been around those people, and they're kinda twitchy, and I understand. It's terrible to completely forget something, and have to go grovel and apologize. All I can figure is that some people have much better memories than I do, or have less things that they need to do, in order for them to not have a system of reminders.

I can't do everything all of the time. I've been around "multi-taskers" and they usually make a mess of everything. Their most common statement is "sorry!" Mine is "I'll get to that". If it's urgent, I'm on it right away, if it's not, I'll put a reminder on my phone.