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How and why to use voice to text on your iPhone

One of the major reasons that I got an iPhone, and love using it, is a feature called "voice to text". If you have an iPhone and aren't using that, you're missing out. Unfortunately, if you don't have an iPhone, I can't recommend voice to text. Apple has done a great job with this, and it's part of the reason that iPhones are so ridiculously expensive. This function is amazing, and I've even seen it work with people who have Australian accents.

You can use it on your iPhone anytime you see the little microphone on the keyboard. So before you start tapping on those tiny keys, take a moment, find the microphone, and talk. You'll hear it beep to tell you it's ready to listen, and when you're done, you press "Done". And if you meant for it to say cycads instead of psychos, you can use the keyboard to edit before you click "send".

And that's all there is to it. So if you're struggling with texting, and are looking as if you were a chipmunk holding your phone in front of you for a long time at a restaurant, just tap the microphone, say something like "I'm on my way" and hit send. It only takes a few seconds and your phone is back in your pocket, where it belongs.