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How to be a successful artist, without making a profit

If you would like to do art, whether it's drawing, painting, or anything creative including music, dance, whatever, I encourage you. The world needs more people like you. It would be a dark world without the joy that artists bring to it. And if you have a talent, or a God-given gift, or if you just like doing art, then please do. And if you're wondering if you can be successful, I assure you that you can.

If you're wondering if you'll make such an enormous profit from your art that you'll get rich, sorry, that probably won't happen. Of course it does happen to people, certain artists get discovered, and they suddenly find themselves knee-deep in money. And for most people, that's the definition of being successful. But I disagree. To me, becoming rich isn't the measure of success in art. Please let me explain.

I've known a lot of talented people, including artists, musicians, you name it. And when people ask me if these people have ever become rich and famous, I have to admit that they never did. And I'm sure that a lot of them were worthy of it, being every bit as talented as some artist who did get rich. And I know that some of these people consider themselves failures because of that, but I consider them successes.

So stand back and take a look at what success means to you. If it's having a gigantic bank account, then you're probably in for a disappointment as an artist. Like I say, that does happen, but it's as likely as finding a gold mine when you're just out for a walk. But if you follow me here, it's shouldn't be the reason why you do what you do.

There are so many other ways to measure success in the arts. It could be a smile from someone who appreciates a cartoon that you drew - that's what got me started. It could be sound of people singing along while you play the piano. It could be the appreciation of hundreds of "likes" on social media.

So be an artist, don't let anyone discourage you. It may not be your nine-to-five job but it can help define who you are. I knew a lot of people like that in Los Angeles, they weren't waiters at a restaurant, they were actors waiting for their next play, or movie. They didn't define themselves by riches, they defined themselves by their art.

Now go and make the world a better and brighter place - be an artist!