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How to get started with your new modern phone

If you've just gotten a new phone and have never used a modern cell phone before, I guarantee that you will love it. But the main advantage to it is the main disadvantage - that is, it does a LOT of things!

I was slow in upgrading to a modern phone. I used a flip phone long after people were wondering why a techy guy like me didn't have an iPhone. And for me, it was simply because I had such powerful technology here (the computer that I'm on right now) and I rarely did anything on a phone other than talk. So I kept my flip phone, and when I needed to do something that required a computer, I used my computer.

And that's the point. Because a modern phone is a computer. Of course it's not as powerful as the one sitting on your desktop, but it's plenty powerful. If you're old enough to remember when desktop computers were first invented, it shouldn't surprise you to know that the Android, or iPhone that you have is more powerful than those computers were. And you can hold it in your hand! Isn't the future cool?

And if you haven't seen it already, people will start talking to you about what you should do with your new computer-phone. I like to compare a modern phone to a Swiss Army knife - you know the kind of tool that has a lot of different functions, including stuff that you have no idea what it's for. And because your new phone has so many functions, it can be overwhelming. And so I recommend that you take it one step at a time.

First, make a call. It is, after all, a telephone. So look how you make a call, and how you receive a call. For people who've been using modern phones for years this will be too basic for them, they'll start talking about a bunch of complex stuff. I recommend that you smile politely, ask them to give you your phone back (most of these people grab stuff out of your hand), go find a quiet place and call them. From there you'll figure out where your mouth should be on a call, how to hold a flat piece of plastic up to your ear, how to adjust the volume so you can hear properly. If that's all you do for the first week on your phone, that's fine.

After that, you'll want to explore the functions of this device as a computer. And it's like everything else, find what interests you and explore. The next thing you'll want to learn about is "texting", but start with calling first.

Enjoy your new phone! You're gonna love it!

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