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How to give your life a second chance, at a Community College

I'm a big believer in personal success, and second chances. Heck, I believe in third, and fourth chances. Actually, there's no limit. And I know that it's going to sound corny, but I really do recommend your local Community College.

I taught at the Community College here in Glendale for years. And since I'd come from a private college, I had forgotten how old some Community College students could be. Yes, the private college had a few elderly students, over 19, but not many.

And that's when it really hit me that we get more than one chance at life. And yes, I mean all aspects of life, personal and professional. I saw people who had spent many years doing a job that they hated, and wanted to try something new. I saw people who had studied something decades ago and never used, it and wanted a refresher. The list goes on and on, and mostly I saw people who were looking for a second chance.

No, a Community College is no miracle. It's just a place. And if you're sitting there right now wondering what you should do to get started on your second chance, I recommend going over to your local Community College. Just go there.

Park in the visitor's parking, walk around the campus. Look for people who look like you, you'll see them. You'll see that everyone there isn't just out of high school. Go to the Student Union building, buy a cup of coffee, do some people watching. Wander over to the library, grab a burger at the cafeteria. You don't need to talk to anyone, you don't need anyone's permission, you don't need a badge, or anything, you can just go there.

If you're brave, talk to some people, just say hello. Better still, wander over to the admissions office and ask to talk to an advisor. Believe me, they won't be surprised by you. Of course they usually deal with people right out of high school, but they also know about people like you.

Yes, it's going to cost you money to take classes at your local Community College. But it's the best bargain in education that I've ever seen. It's an investment in yourself, and in the community. It's where you belong.

OK, enough of this, I'm starting to sound like an ad. You don't need me anymore, just go there already.

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