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Why you're so easily cheated by marketing people

As an old marketing guy, I can quickly recognize people who have been cheated, or "ripped off" by crazy promises made by marketing people. They're usually the first to rage against the "time that..." and I understand. Marketing is about promising things to encourage people to buy. When marketing people get too carried away, or just plain lie about their products, it can catch innocent people.

In a perfect world, marketing people would never lie, they would never exaggerate. They would simply say that their product is good, and is sold at a good price, and you should try it. And really, that would be enough for people who were willing to go to the effort of finding out about a product, maybe reading about it, and accepting the fact that it may or may not be for them. But sadly, there are a LOT of people who have no interest in doing this, and if it's you, you're a candidate for being cheated.

In a way, I envy people who are so optimistic that they'll something that promises that they can lose thirty pounds in a week. My experience is that the most optimistic people are always the ones who quickly believe. They believe that something can be done "with just one trick" or that "there's a hack that no one wants you to know". The faith these people have always amazes me, and they will actually believe that a store is selling their stuff for 90% off. Or that a company is just giving away free samples. Just giving them away for no reason. That's faith. I genuinely feel sorry for you if you have that kind of innocent faith, you're a candidate to be cheated.

But waitaminute, don't get carried away and believe that everyone is trying to cheat you. There are a lot of wonderful products out there which are excellent, and sold at an excellent price. The coffee that I'm drinking right now is an example. No, it won't raise my IQ (I wish it would!) but it helps me to wake up in the morning and tastes good to me. And no, it's not available for a limited time (there are plenty of coffee beans out there) and I didn't buy it for 90% off, nor did the store give it to me for free. I bought it, by considering its value, trying it, and deciding it was worth it, and buying it again, and again.

So calm down, and stop grabbing me by the lapel to tell me another story about how evil marketing people are. Be realistic, read the fine print, take the time to understand the product or service, and then decide for yourself. When you do that, it's practically impossible for you to be cheated, no matter what the marketing people may say!

I hope this helps. I feel for you.

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