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Why you should learn a little basic sales

Everyone I've ever met in my life has tried to sell me things. And most of them don't know the basic fundamentals of sales, and it's been an awful experience. For those people I would like to tell them to just shut up and leave me alone, but really deep down I know that they mean well, so I usually interrupt and try to change the subject. Bad sales is like bad acting, it hurts to listen to.

If you don't know the basics of sales, you may be puzzled by what I'm saying here. And that's because sales doesn't just mean some guy in a loud plaid sports coat and white shoes trying to sell a used car. It means any type of convincing that people try to do, from recommending a restaurant to giving me advice on what clothes I should wear. Yes, that's sales. Fundamental, basic sales. So the next time you open your mouth and try to convince someone of anything, please close it. Or better still, learn some basics of sales.

We all feel strongly about things, and we all want to convince other people. Sales is a basic social instinct, and when it's done correctly it's a wonderful thing. Good teachers sell students on the idea of education, good parents sell their children on what is appropriate behavior. If you see where I'm going with this, you understand.

So please sell me. Tell me why I should vote for a particular political candidate, or why I should try a restaurant you like. That's what sales is all about. Learn how to patiently explain, answer questions, overcome objections, learn when the "will buy line" is crossed. I like people like that. They're wonderful and helpful, and that's what sales is all about.

I'm sure you can find an online course, or a book or something. Personally, I took "Principles of Salesmanship" when I was 19 at my local Community College, and I've studied under one of the masters of the business, my client Joel Weldon. Good salespeople make the world a better place, bad salespeople make it miserable. Get good or shut up. Please.

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