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May 27, 2018

How to use Uber Eats

I tried Uber Eats yesterday and was very pleased with it. I'm now pondering how I'll use it, and in the meantime I just remembered that I found very little that explained the process, which is amazingly simple.

The thing to remember is that Uber Eats isn't in the Uber app, it's a separate app. No, I have no idea why they did that, but it means that you'll have to download yet another app. The good news is that if have Uber on your phone, it will recognize you right away and you're ready to go.

My first question, of course, was "what does it cost?" and while it's easy to see once you've got the app up and running, before that I had no clue. It's done with a fee that varies with the restaurant chosen. I ordered a meal from Panda Express, and there was a $4.99 fee. I also gave the driver a two dollar tip, so essentially for the convenience I paid an additional $6.99 for a meal that was $8.95 itself, bringing the total up to $15.94, plus tax. So that's the answer in hard dollars.

The convenience of it, which my economics teacher explained, is looking at alternate cost. That is, not having to leave the house, not having to drive somewhere, not having to wait in line. Most of the people I know never even consider their time to be of any value, and they consider getting in their car to go get something to be free. If that's you, you'd never even consider something like Uber Eats. I've always been careful about watching my time, so this comes naturally to me. I've had many other demands on my time since I became an adult, and don't consider going somewhere, driving there, and standing in line to be free. In fact, I hate it. When I've been in a position of earning money, I've shared it, and gone to the golf course.

I placed the order at 5 pm, and the food arrived at 5:30, as promised. It's all prepaid through the app, so there's no need to hand the driver money, or anything like that. After it's delivered, you can rate the experience, and give a tip. I appreciate the effort, so I always tip.

So there you go, another way to keep your busy life on track by spreading some of the wealth you've been fortunate to accumulate. I can't see myself doing this often, but I will do it again. Five stars.

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