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May 24, 2018

The four levels of learning: from simple visuals to showing how to find out more

When first I started teaching I often found that the majority of the people in my class were dissatisfied with my presentation, but for various different reasons. And that's when I started learning the four levels, which I've stayed with ever since. They are;

1) A simple visual. For some people, that's it. Show a picture of a dog, and they're done. They may say, "I like dogs", but they're satisfied with that.

2) A short explanation. This is what I call the "Cliff Notes" person, who is happy with the bare minimum, and has to be sure that there will be a test on that material, that exact material. No more, no less.

3) A long explanation. For those people, they felt a bit cheated if I just did a visual and a short explanation - they wanted more details. I would often have extra information that I could give them in such a way as to not lose the rest of the class, who would get bored with that, and become restless.

4) All of the above, plus how to get more information. This was for my superstars. They would often come to class with books that they had found, which explained more. Those are the people who weren't just satisfied with an "A", they wanted to excel. I actually had a student who said to me, "Stop just giving me As, tell me how to make my work better". I noted that these people often drank a lot of coffee, by the way.

So you have to find what works for you. If you've read this far, you're definitely a three, and quite possibly a four. And if you're a four, I'm sorry that this is as long as this post is, but you can learn more about this by Googling "learning styles".

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