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June 15, 2018

Why you should, and shouldn't pay for things using your phone

Lately I've been paying for things with my phone. Whether this is right for you or not depends on how you feel about the latest technology. I've always been an early adopter, and I know that there are always glitches and bugs to be worked out when something is invented. I built my career on computer graphics, and met deadlines while things were being invented. It's kinda nerve-racking, but I've enjoyed the challenge. I enjoy the speed. And paying with your phone is amazingly speedy!

What seems strange about it is that it's OK to make the kind of small purchases that you used to do with cash. I started using my phone to pay for things at vending machines. Lately I've been buying my coffee at McDonalds with it. I still carry change, and cash, of course, but I'm enjoying having to mess less with it. Call me lazy, but I really don't want to fill my pockets with quarters, or check that I have ones in my wallet. I don't want to pay for $1.09 worth of coffee with a twenty.

To do this, you'll need to be extremely comfortable with your Smart Phone. If you have fingerprint recognition, and you can check your bank balance on your phone, you're ready. If not, you really want to stay with cash, or a debit/credit card.

I learn best by doing, so when I go into a store I ask "can I pay with my phone?" I learned not not say, "Can I pay with Apple Pay?" as it just kinda sounds like nonsense. If a cashier at a store has seen people pay with their phone, that's enough. I don't expect the cashier to teach me how to use my phone, so I look at what I'm doing, and do it. There's a wonderfully satisfying "ding" that happens when the transaction goes through. And there's no paper, no change, you just smile and walk away. The receipt is digital.
Like all new technology, some people prefer to wait, and some people prefer to never do it. I'm sure that there were people who lived out their life never getting anywhere near an electric light bulb, or a motor car, and I really can't blame them - they're dangerous!

Still, even with the risks of modern life, I like technology. If you do, too, paying with your phone is wonderful. If not, I understand.

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