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June 5, 2018

Why your iPhone is calling people randomly while in your pocket

It happened to me again today, at just after seven a.m. - my phone started calling people from my pocket. If this has been happening to you, I can help. It has to do with the two (2) things that you need to do after talking on your iPhone and putting it in your pocket: 1) end the call (the red button), and 2) lock the phone (the button on the right side).

If you do what I did this morning, just ending the call and putting the phone back in your pocket, the screen will go immediately to your list of people to call and the slightest amount of movement will touch the screen and it will start calling. I called a friend today that I meet for coffee that I was on my way, and by the time I got to McDonalds, my phone had called three of my friends.

I've had my iPhone for many years, and I actually don't use it much for telephone conversations. Mostly I text message, or check Facebook, that sort of thing. But some people like a call from me, and when I do it while I'm out walking I'll have to remember the two steps 1) end the call and 2) lock the phone. It's a good habit to get into.

By the way, the common term for this is "butt dialing", so as soon as I can I text message people that the call was just a butt dial, and they understand. Someday this will be old-time trivia about how phones used to be "back in the day!"

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