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July 15, 2018

What "organic" means in Google

One of the most important terms to know is "organic" as it pertains to Google. And it just means that someone has found your blog, or your YouTube video, without any help from you. That is, if you right now have no idea who I am, but just Googled to read what organic means in Google, you have found this organically.

The reason for this has to do with advertisers getting the best value from Adsense. It makes sense - if someone is genuinely interested in the content of this blog, and found it organically, without any help except a Google search, they're the right target market for the types of ads that Google puts on this page.

I've been on Adsense for years, not because it's making me rich (I don't have enough visits for that!) but because it interests me, and I do consulting on best practices on the web. I'm a white hat, which means a good guy on the web. I don't cheat, I don't falsify, I don't use robots, I don't "game the system". Unfortunately a lot of people do, and they become a complete waste of time and money for Google's adsense system.

So this is what I recommend, and have been doing for years: As a creator, just create useful original content. Write a headline for your blog, or video that people can find in a Google search. Give people useful information when they find you, and they'll come back, maybe tell their friends.

And that means that if you're wondering what kind of trick or shortcut you can use to get people to find you on Google, that's the whole point, you shouldn't be doing that. Provide good content, and people will find you organically. That's what you want, that's what Google wants, and that's what people want.

Think: organic!

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