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September 23, 2018

The two steps to putting your business on Instagram

There are two steps to putting your business on Instagram: 1) having a basic understanding and comfort level with the app, and 2) creating a business page. If you start with step two, you're probably gonna make a mess of it. Start with step one. Do it today.

I could write a bunch of stuff explaining what Instagram is, but that would be just a big waste of your time. You already know how important it is, so all you have to do is wrap your head around how the app feels, and it starts with your phone, and your fingers.

Create a personal Instagram account. Find a quiet place, like a coffee shop in Altadena, and play with the app. Yes, I said play. Play. I've taught software for years and that's the best way to learn it - play. Look at what other people are doing. Follow some stuff that interests you. I started on Instagram by following people who posted pics of wiener dogs. If you like classic cars, find a page to follow that has pics of classic cars. You don't have to interact, you can just watch.

Now you can start posting your own photos. Take a picture of your cat, or a picture of some flowers. Don't worry about an elaborate caption, just something simple will do. Keep in mind that Instagram is all about visuals, and they have to show up well on a phone, so nothing with a lot of fussy detail. I recommend cats, and flowers.

Now find friends, and follow them - they'll probably follow you back. No, it's not like Facebook, you don't have to be friends, you just follow. And it's not about privacy, it's about "hey look at this cool car!" And once you understand how it works, you'll be ready for step two, which will be a breeze. But start with step one. Do it right now.

Why are you still here? Go to Instagram!

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