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October 19, 2018

What a PM on Facebook and a DM on Instagram means

As someone who has always disliked abbreviations, which can be confusing (I'm a member of the TAFTPOCFAA - the Association for the Prevention of Confusing Abbreviations and Acronyms), when I first started seeing PM on Facebook and DM on Instagram I had no idea what it meant. They mean:

PM - Private Message (Facebook)


DM - Direct Message (Instagram).

In a way, it kind of makes sense to use the abbreviation because if you know how to send a private message on Facebook or a Direct Message on Instagram, you know what PM and DM means. And if you want to learn how to do it, you Google DM Instagram or PM Facebook.

I'm a big believer in learning communication styles. I'm an old marketing guy, and I've been a teacher, and I know that people like to communicate different ways. Some people like to talk face-to-face, some like talking on a phone, some like email, some text, the list goes on and on. And some people like PM on Facebook and DM on Instagram. Most of the people I've ever met in a long life insist that their communication style is the best way, and I understand - it's what they like, what they're comfortable with. If you're not comfortable with PM and DM it's probably because you've never done it. It's just like anything else, once you do it, you'll be fine. And you'll probably start telling people to PM or DM you!

I hope this helps.

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