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October 14, 2018

Why your business should use Facebook for old people, and Instagram for young people

If you're in business, and want people to know about you, you're wise to be on social media. And by social media, I mean Facebook and Instagram. Yes, there are a lot of different social media sites out there, but those are the only ones that count. And you need to be on both if you want to communicate with old people, and young people.

As an old marketing guy, I know that you're really not supposed to say "old people". When I did the newsletter for Valley Bank back in the early '90s, which was designed for old people (larger type and everything), it said "for 55 and better". Not older, better. And yet the marketing people knew the demographics that they wanted to attract. 55 and above.

Depending on your business, you may or may not need to attract people above 55, or people below that. Speaking for myself, as a person who is better than 55, I don't really see a big need for certain things in my life, like tattoos. I'm not saying that people over 55 won't be buying a tattoo, but the demographics for that product are much younger.

Facebook has been around for a long time, and it's where people are over 55, who choose to be on social media at at all, feel the most comfortable. Over the years people have learned that it's a great place to keep in touch with friends, to see pics of their grandchildren, that sort of thing. And while there are young people on Facebook, of course, the demographics are skewed for older. Or better, or above, or however you want to say it.

Instagram is just about the same thing as Facebook (it's owned by Facebook), but the people on it tend to be younger overall. Yeah, there are some old-timers on it (like me!) but mostly the older people tend to stay away from it. And mostly it's just that it's a Smart Phone phone app, and if you're comfortable with Facebook, and all your friends are there, there's really no reason to go to all of the trouble of using Instagram. I did it just to find out about it, so I could tell you here.

I created a business account on Instagram for my hobby, which is collecting old photos of Phoenix. I really didn't need a business account for it, but I wanted to do it, just to see it. There's still a lot of the old marketing guy in me! And sure enough, when I checked the analytics, the people following the page tended to be in the 25 to 35 year old range, as opposed to my followers on Facebook, who tend to be 55-65.

So it's true. If you want 55 or better, focus on Facebook. And if you want below 55, you'd be wise to create an Instagram account. And if you want to attract everyone, do both.

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