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October 11, 2018

Why you're losing followers on Instagram

Losing followers on Instagram is perfectly normal, and it's no big deal. But if you're used to Facebook, it can be upsetting, I know. I'll see if I can explain why it happens.

Facebook and Instagram are very similar. In fact, they're owned and run by the same company. And the idea is pretty much the same - you post a picture, for example of your cat, write a short caption, and people look at it and like it and maybe comment. But the difference has to do with friends versus followers.

On Facebook, you have friends. That is, people who maybe know you from somewhere else, or who have common interests with you, and they ask to be your friend. Then you accept or decline them. Instagram is different. Instead of friends, you get followers. And really the same thing is happening, but it's much more casual. Unless your account is private on Instagram (which is unusual there), you don't have to do any accepting, you don't have to do anything at all, people just show up and follow.

You can think of Instagram like this: imagine that you're walking down the street and you see something interesting. You stop and watch for a while. If you want to see more, you follow. That's what Instagram is like. If it stops being interesting, you wander off. See what I mean? No "unfriending", no hard feelings.

Because of this, Instagram attracts people to you who may have nothing really in common with you. People who just think your dog is fun to watch, people who like your garden. And once they get tired of seeing your dog and your garden, they stop following you. No hard feelings.

And there's another piece of the puzzle that's interesting: scam accounts. Yes, Instagram is filled with all kinds of scam accounts. They're selling stuff, and try to get your attention by following you and then posting automatic comments like "Way to go!" or "Great pic!" These accounts aren't looking at your stuff at all, and often they'll just go away if you don't follow back, and sometimes Instagram just goes through and shuts them down. You really don't want followers like that, so good riddance to them.

I guess my point here is that if you're seeing the numbers drop on your Instagram page, relax, it's not you. Just keep doing what you're doing, posting interesting pics, writing short captions, and doing a hashtag or two. Your followers will show up, and the ones that really matter will stay.

My Instagram page for history adventuring is @historyadventuring, and my more general page is @bradhallart. If you wanna follow, great, if you wander off, I understand.

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