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November 3, 2018

Deleting robot comments on Instagram

I've had Instagram for a while, but have only recently used it much. Mostly I was curious about how it worked, what it was all about, that sort of thing. And there are some benefits, and drawbacks to using it as social media. The main benefit, in my opinion, is the lack of comments. There are comments, of course, but nothing like on Facebook which can be quite annoying. The reason for this is that Instagram is a Smart Phone app, and people tend to look at it on their phone, and Facebook is both desktop and phone-friendly, so the Facebook people, if they're sitting at keyboards, can type much more easily than the Instagram people, who are on their phones. And yes, you can make comments on a phone, but it tends to be easier on a desktop, hence the amount of "Facebook comments" that can make the experience of just posting a photo of a sunset miserable. I think you know what I mean!

Anyway, even though comments on Instagram aren't quite so numerous, there are the robot comments, which are kinda creepy. Those are automated responses to the type of post you do, triggered by hashtags. An example might be when you hashtag #fitness, the robots of many sites see that, and automatically write something like "great workout!" I just got one that said "Smash it!" and I knew that it was a robot. So I just delete the comment. There's no reason to block the person who made the comment, they aren't following you or friending you, and they really have no idea who you are. Their robot comment is only meant to encourage you to go look at them.

And that's what makes real human comments on Instagram so refreshing. It's nice to read a complete sentence that shows that a real human being has seen the post, and is making a relevant comment. And since robot comments are so rare, most savvy Instagram people know not to write "Way to go!" or something like that as it will just look like a robot comment. Speaking for myself, I click the "heart" button, but rarely comment.

Dealing with Instagram is surprisingly easy. A post only takes a few seconds, and I do it from my phone at random times during the day. It isn't as if I need to sit at my computer, or anything. And I can check my Instagram posts just as quickly, standing in line at the grocery store, and delete the robot comments.

And the robot comments on your Instagram posts really don't do any harm, they just make you look kinda clueless, that's all. It's like walking around with the words "Kick me" taped on your back.

Darned robots! I knew that they'd try to take over!

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