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November 18, 2018

How organized people can make money from disorganized people.

Most of the people that I've known all of my life are terribly disorganized. It seems to be a normal part of being human, always trying to get caught up, looking for lost car keys, not being able to find stuff. Yes, we live in a world of disorganized people. And that leaves the tiny percentage of people who aren't disorganized, and for them, it's a way to make money, by helping the disorganized people.

Now don't get wrong, I'm not talking about taking advantage of people in an emergency, those are bad guys. I'm talking about someone who is organized enough to step in and do something when it seems as if no one else around could possibly do it. As a graphic designer, I had to have that mindset. I'm organized.

I've never charged a "rush charge", and I've never had to. I've always been fascinated with speed, and organization. The work I've done has been done at lightning speed, and not because I was rushing, because I was organized. Of course, I don't talk much about it, because that's no way to make friends. It is, however, a way to make money.

When I first started doing freelance graphic design, in my early twenties, I was surprised at how long people expected things to take. If I said, "I'll have this for you in the morning", I would get a funny look. So I learned to say that I would have it for them on Tuesday, and then deliver it on Monday. Surprisingly, it made a lot of disorganized people feel bad if they saw someone who could deliver so quickly. When desktop publishing was invented, my speed increased, and when the internet was invented, it increased again. I could have the artwork done, and a Paypal invoice sent, before some people could even get back to their email.

Often people would call me in a total panic because they'd forgotten something, and could I do a super-rush job for them? Of course I could, but I never charged "rush charges". If I could do it for them that fast, I would. I found that doing things fast meant that I could get paid fast, and that was good enough for me.

No, of course I'm not the only organized person in the world - there are a lot of them. They run businesses, and do the same thing I do, make sure that they're ready when the order comes in. Fast, efficient service is greatly prized by disorganized people, and they're willing to pay extra for it.

Being organized is a super-power, and people appreciate it. Use it wisely to help people, and they will give you money in return.

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