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November 16, 2018

Why you probably shouldn't do a live Facebook video

There may be reasons to broadcast live, but seeing it on Facebook just kinda makes me cringe, unless it's done by a performance artist. And if you're used to doing a lot of live performances, such as being a stand-up comedian, you're fine. But if that's not you I'd recommend that you don't do a live Facebook video. They look ridiculous.

The reason they look ridiculous is because we're so used to tightly-edited videos. In real life, if someone were to be standing in front of you, hemming and hawing, and with long spans of time where nothing seems to be happening, would be fine. On Facebook, it's painful to watch.

In fact, you'd be wise to avoid making videos at all. Except, of course those wonderful videos of your dog, or maybe someone falling into a swimming pool. Presentations are different. And if you want to talk about your business or service, take a deep breath and put some effort into your videos if you want people to watch them, and get anything out of them.

Speaking for myself, videos aren't for me. I tried doing some, just to do it, but I'm just to impatient for the whole process. Done correctly, they have to be shot, and then edited. I've known video editors, and they have got to be the most patient people in the world. They can trim videos, mix the sound, finesse it here and there and make them wonderful. Without some video editing, videos can be painful to watch. That is, unless it's someone falling into a swimming pool!

I've accidentally stumbled onto Live Facebook videos, and just thinking about them makes me cringe. I stay there for a while, because of course the person doing the live video can see that I've just "joined" them, and they can tell if I immediately go away. I usually say "hi", open another tab, and then go back later to close it. It's painful for me to watch, and I appreciate that people are trying to use the latest technology, maybe to talk about their business, or just to express some stray thoughts. But I can't watch it.

Like I say, if getting up on stage in front of a live audience is what you do, then by all means do Facebook Live Streaming. And of course there should be a reason that you're live, not just because that's when you decided to turn on your camera. Otherwise, take your time, shoot some video, edit it properly, and then post it. Your message will be much clearer, and you'll look a whole lot less ridiculous.

I hope this helps.

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