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November 15, 2018

Why your followers on Instagram goes up and down

If you're new to Instagram, like I am, you may be puzzled to see your number of followers go up and down all of the time. And no, it's not you, you didn't just post a photo of your dog that suddenly offended people. It just has to do with what Instagram is, which is a marketplace.

Now calm down here if you're ready to go off on a rant about not wanting to be sold anything. Yes, there are a lot of businesses who want to sell you products and services, but there are also people who just want to share with you, for example, how wonderful life can be. Stay with me on this.

One of the things I do on Instagram is post photos of my dog, who is the cutest thing ever. No, she's not for sale, and she hasn't written a book, I just think she's wonderful and I would like everyone to know that. She's a wiener dog, and I just never get enough of her. If I can't be with her, I look at photos of her. And last summer, when I was on vacation, I looked a lot of wonderful photos and videos of dachshunds, because I know how to click on a hashtag: They look like this in Instagram: #dachshund or #goldenretriever or whatever you like. The hashtags allow you to share with people who like what like, all over the world. And of course, people who sell stuff will see it too. And both people who just want to see your stuff, and people who want to sell you stuff, will click "follow" and you'll see it, take a look and decide if you want to follow back. Often people do, but sometimes they don't.

The businesspeople will follow anyone with a particular hashtag, and then unfollow. They're basically just showing who they are, but they don't need to be following thousands of people who like #dachshunds, or whatever. So your number of followers goes up, and then goes down. So don't worry about being unfollowed, especially if you didn't follow back.

That being said, you don't always have to follow back just because someone follows you. That's the difference between Facebook and Instagram - and that's why on Facebook you can end up with hundreds of friends who have friended you that you don't know. Anybody can follow you on Instagram, and you don't have to follow them back (assuming you have a public profile, which most people on Instagram do).

By the way, if you'd like to follow me, and see photos of my dog, I'm @bradhallart . I use my business name, but it's just me. If you're interested in my hobby, which is old photos of Phoenix, Arizona, look for @historyadventuring.

I hope this helps. See you in cyberspace! If you see someone with a wiener dog, it's me!

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