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December 30, 2018

How learning Instagram for business can help your Facebook small business page

Times have changed. Back when I first started helping clients promote their small business, I recommended that they avoid using photos of the themselves, and their dogs. But nowadays, on Instagram, you see a lot of that. And now it's the right thing to do. If you know that, you know Instagram, if not, I recommend that you get a business page on Instagram, and post a photo of yourself with your dog. Then look at other Instagram business pages.

Instagram for business is best used to keep your business in people's minds. It starts with your existing clients, and then expands to their friends. If you follow me here, it's just like having a business in a small town - people know you. You're not scamming people, or making a bunch of noise, you're just in business, and you want everyone to know about it.

Your Instagram business page is very personal. You use your logo, or business sign, of course, but you shouldn't be afraid to show your face every once in a while. Of course you keep it on a very professional level, you don't go off on rants, but the very best thing you can do is to let people know that you're part of the local community. Yes, I recommend that you post a photo of your dog. And a photo of you speaking at the local Chamber of Commerce meeting. And you running in the local 5-K.

And you should post photos of your business. One every day (that's thirty a month!) Give people the idea that they visit there everyday. The photos don't have to be earth-shatteringly important, they can just be the sunrise reflected in the window of your shop. Of course the award for "Best Small Business in the Tri-State Area" should be displayed. But don't wait for something terribly important to say, just post a photo and thank your customers.

Once you've got a feel for it, go over to Facebook and do the same thing. Personally, I find it easier to start every day on my Facebook business page. I find a photo, write a short caption, and post it to my business page. Then I get on my phone (Yes, you always post from your phone on Instagram, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!), copy the photo and caption from my Facebook business page, and post it on Instagram. And yes, you do this yourself, while you're sipping some coffee - don't rely on some type of robot service - those look awful, and do more damage than good to your reputation. If this is too much trouble for you as the business owner, give the responsibility to an employee, and pay them for it. Be sure that you trust them, as your business can be ruined by one post, if it's really awful (like using obscenity, etc.). Personally, I'd do it myself.

So there you go, welcome to promoting your business on Instagram and Facebook. Put your best face forward, be real, be honest. You know, how you are IRL (In Real Life).

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