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February 6, 2019

Why using robot comments will get you blocked from me on Instagram

I like Instagram, and I understand that it can be a place just for fun, and also a place to let people know about your business. Unfortunately, if you've been tempted to use "robot comments" you will get yourself blocked from me. And while I may not matter, it may be worth listening to why I just blocked you, because I'm telling you why, and otherwise you may not know why.

For those of you who aren't sure what a robot comment is in Instagram, it's an automatically-generated generic statement that's trigged by a particular hashtag. For example a robot comment might say, "Great post! Be sure to DM me for great information on nutritional supplements!", trigged by a tag like #Fitness.

I understand why businesses do this kind of thing. It's as tempting to do as cross-posting, which means having the exact same post in Facebook as it does in Instagram, without the business having to go to the trouble of actual using using Instagram, or Facebook (as the case may be). It's something that computers (I like to call them robots) do well, and it's so painfully obvious to us human beings that it's offensive, like when we answer our phone expecting a human voice and hear a robot. It may seem clever, but it's so annoying that many people will not only not respond to your robot, they will do anything they can to keep you, and your business, away from them. So don't use robots. Ever.

I've only been on Instagram a short time, and at first I simply deleted the robot comments, and often that's all I do. When I have time, I go to the profile of the commenter, and block them. I have no idea if they can see it, but at least I know that I'll never hear from them again. And I just wish that businesses on Instagram didn't use robots.

Hopefully this will give you an incentive not to "robotize" your social media. If you have a business, either give someone the job of responding to comments on Instagram (there really aren't all that many, and that's what makes Instagram so nice), or go to the trouble yourself of looking at the posts and make a comment like a real human being. It takes some trouble, but if you have something to say, then say it. A real human comment will probably get you a follow back, but a robot comment will get you blocked from me.

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